About Us

Who We Are

Kramer Marketing Group is a full- service marketing consulting firm; who has helped businesses create and maintain their brand presence in highly competitive markets, since 2010.

We provide fully integrated marketing solutions, that help businesses of all sizes achieve their long and short- term business goals.


Our Approach

Our process is designed to outfit your business with the marketing tools needed to succeed. This involves developing fully integrated marketing solutions, that deliver the appropriate message to your desired audience;  at the right time, and through the appropriate channel.

We also provide a comprehensive business analysis; to help identify gaps and opportunities; which ultimately results in a  streamlined marketing plan that is designed to drive high ROI.

Our Value Proposition

Kramer Marketing Group can help elevate your brand; whether you are just starting out, or relaunching your brand.  We can assist you in creating a brand strategy that will maximize your marketing spend and  lead your business to success. 

 We believe that each company is unique and deserves a personalized approach to brand positioning.  As such, our customized solutions, are comprised of quality services that will help you achieve your goals both quickly and efficiently.